March 16th, ‘12 




Ashton would play really good music in the car all the time and would always look over at you and smile while singing to you to make you laugh and the beat would drop or you’d get to the good part in a song and he’d just be like “OKAY HERE WE GO” and you’d both headbang and shout the lyrics to the rest of the song


!!!  please read this !!!

An 18 year old UVA student named Hannah Graham has been missing since late Friday night.  The last time someone heard from her was through text message around 1:20am Saturday.  She had been out drinking with friends and was last seen wearing a black crop top with mesh cutouts, and they are considering her disappearance to have been under “suspicious circumstances”.  

She’s about 5’11, thin build, with light brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles.  Please reblog this to spread the word and if you have any information regarding her disappearance, please contact Charlottesville police at 434-970-3280!



Rose Bowl - 9/13

Rose Bowl - 9/13